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About Us

DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. , established in 2018, is a real estate service agency specializing first-hand property agency, second-hand property for rent and sale and land sales brokerage in Cambodia.
The company has a unique advantage of local property resources and target customer group data platform. It has a back-end service team driven by data maintenance and technical analysis, which provides customers with unparalleled service experience in three dimensions of authenticity, accuracy and efficiency.
Through the establishment of local service team, the company has formulated a high standard system of localization, specialization and scale. Every link from property to client service is rigorous and orderly. It aims to become Cambodia's largest comprehensive brokerage service agency within three years.
The applications of HARBOR PROPERTY cover PC, IOS, Android, and support Chinese, English and Khmer. The website includes buying, rental, residential, development, commerial property, land, property publishment and agent registration, etc. The information of real estate is massive, aiming to provide the best service for buyers, tenants, brokers and developers.
The property of HARBOR PROPERTY real estate covers the whole region of Cambodia. It covers many fields such as buying, renting, housing, real estate, shops, land trading and so on. All property information includes property description, property type, basic information, nearby supporting facilities, property features and location. Each property input will be intelligent identification of whether availability is true by system, to ensure the authenticity of property, so as to guarantee the interests of both sides of the transaction.
At present, the real estate business center of HARBOR PROPERTY is equipped with a team of professional real estate data management engineers which gradually promote the data standardization construction of HARBOR PROPERTY. The research and development of real estate is led by professional team of real estate engineers. It has the specialty, pertinence and overall outlook of the real estate industry, and it can continuously export effective value for real estate data construction.
In the future, along with the trend of "One Belt And One Road" and "21st century maritime silk road" in China, HARBOR PROPERTY real estate will become the preferred brand for local residents and overseas Chinese in Cambodia to invest in real estate.